Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Hello Kitty DS coming to Japan

In a press release Nintendo Japan have announced the must have new item for the girl gamer - a new Hello Kitty themed DS due to be released in November.

The Japan exclusive will feature the new generation 3DS body and hardware specs along with a memory card and exclusive Hello Kitty Kisekae theme software.

For those who already own a DS or don't want to commit to the JP region device - which is software locked to Japanese regional games - a matching cover plate will also be released.

At 17000Y for the console or only 2000Y for the cover this is a reasonably priced accessory for the Hello Kitty fan in the know. Be sure to check out Ebay and Rakuten after the release to snag your own!


  1. Wow, too bad we won't be having a US version but I guess just getting the cover plate is close now. It's probably gonna sell out fast.

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