Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Consumer Electronics Association petitioning to adopt an anti "booth babe" dress policy at CES

I personally am one of the people that finds booth babes insulting, for one thing as a high spender on consumer and industry hardware I am often ignored by booth staff for the crime of being a woman. Even assuming that this weren't true often marketing staff at trade shows are hired for their attractiveness rather than their knowledge of the product that they're representing. It's antiquated sexist and all in all lazy marketing and I'd like to see less of it.

Events like the Penny Arcade Expo have put the question to its attendees directly in the past and now have a ban on Booth Babes. Marketers fight for attention through other means - competitions, giveaways, high tech installations and interactive displays and no one is worse off for it.

CEA president Karen Chupka offered the following

“What does the concept of the Booth Babe say about women? It says that women's place at any tech-related event can only be as an attractive decoration to sweeten the event for the men,” former writer Florence noted. “It says that women aren't truly welcome in that world, because the moment you objectify something it isn't part of anything. It's just there. It's just something else to be consumed. Fundamentally, it depicts a woman as a product.

"What does the concept of the Booth Babe say about men? It says that we objectify women to such an extent that we will think nothing of attractive women just "being there" while we watch. It says that we are exactly what a corporate entity believes us to be. It makes us a predictable, easily defined and easily manipulated stick-man on a company whiteboard. It cheapens us. It cheapens all of us. It cheapens the event, and everyone at it, male or female."

I will not lie this started a heated discussion on the #pax IRC channel but what I find positive is the number of men that feel as strongly about this as the women. What do you think? Sign the petition on if you'd like to see less booth babes at CES and start the conversation about removing them as a necessary part of trade shows.

Sign the petition to enforce a dress policy at CES on

Friday, January 25, 2013

Girl Rising documentary highlights the struggle for women's education

Girl Rising is a documentary and movement designed to highlight the barriers to education experienced by girls around the world. Find a viewing or organise your own at

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gamers going gaga over Ghibli Game

If you're a gamer you know that Ni No Kuni the game brought to you by Japanese anime legend Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli was released in the US this week. Gamers are going crazy for it, the collector's edition is long sold out with many petitioning for more to be released. Sadly only the PS3 version was released due to issues with the magic book required for the DS version but those lucky enough to get a collectors edition walk away with the book reardless.

With music and artwork completed by the Studio Ghibli team but just how pretty is it? Damn pretty.

For anime fans and RPG gamers this is the game to buy for PS3.