Sunday, February 20, 2011

Learn to speak Huttese and command your own clone army

Have you ever wanted to speak just like Jabba the Hut? Or wondered how the folks at LucasFilm write those wacky conversations with Han Solo? This guide to some basic Huttese vocabulary is just for you"



  • Achuta 'Hello
  • Achute, my pee kasa ______ 'Hello, my name is ______
  • Ah'chu apenkee? 'Who are you?'
  • Bo shuda Greeting
  • Chowbaso or Chobaso 'Welcome'
  • Choy 'What?'
  • Chuba! 'Hey you!'
  • Dolpee kikyuna! 'I am a friend!'
  • Gooddé da lodia! 'Good day to you!'
  • H'chu apenkee 'Greetings.'
  • Hi chuba da naga? 'What do you want?'
  • Kee chai chai cun kuta? 'What are you doing here?'
  • Waki mallya kuna chu chu? 'What do you do?'
  • Koona t'chuta? (Pronounced oota goota) 'Going somewhere?'
  • Mee jewz ku 'Goodbye'
  • Sie batha ne beechee? 'Are you talking about me?'


Common words and phrases

  • Alay 'Late'
  • An 'And'
  • Andoba 'Another'
  • Ateema 'Now', or 'This time'
  • Azalus 'Dangerous'
  • Baatu baatu 'Bother'
  • Bargon 'Bargain'
  • Bata 'Back'
  • Bedwana 'To buy'
  • Binggona 'Strained'
  • Bolla 'To go'
  • bosco 'Looking' (first person, singular)
  • Boska 'Let's go', or 'Come on'
  • Bsha 'Move'
  • Bu 'The'
  • Buttmalia 'To bet'
  • Champio 'Champion'
  • Che 'For'
  • Che copah 'Price'
  • Cheeska 'To cheat'
  • Chizk 'Junk'
  • Chess ko 'Be careful'
  • Creespa 'Crispy'
  • Da 'that'
  • Da Soocha 'Waking Planet'
  • D'emperiolo teesaw 'Imperial cruiser'
  • Dwana 'To sell'
  • Eniki 'Okay'
  • Grancha 'Very good'
  • Haku 'What'
  • Hoohah 'Them'
  • Hunka be 'Naptime'
  • Inkabunga! 'Incredible!'
  • Jee 'I'
  • Jee-jee 'We'
  • Joppay 'When'
  • Jujuminmee 'To kidnap'
  • Kava 'How'
  • Killee 'To kill'
  • Mah bukee 'My boy'
  • Mesh'la 'Beautiful'
  • Mi 'I'
  • Mi bosco de... 'I'm looking for...'
  • Mi chuga 'I'm hungry'
  • Mi yarga 'I'm thirsty'
  • Moocha 'To steal'
  • Muni 'Lover'
  • Nal Hutta 'Glorious Jewel'
  • Na yoka 'Joke'
  • Nee choo 'To die'
  • Nibobo 'Contract'
  • Nobata 'No'
  • Nudd chaa. 'Forward march.'
  • Panwa 'To enjoy'
  • Rundee 'Activate'
  • Silly ' Silly'
  • Skocha 'burnout; exhaust'
  • Sleemo poy 'To drool'
  • Tagwa 'Yes'
  • Tee-tocky 'Time'
  • Uba 'You'
  • Uma ji muna 'I love you'
  • Wamma 'To pay'
  • Wata 'Here'
  • Winkee 'To sleep'
  • Yatuka 'To move'
  • Yuna puna 'First class'


  • Beesga 'Last fool'
  • Cha skrunee da pat, Sleemo 'Don't count on it, slimeball!'
  • Cheespa bo coopa 'better watch out'
  • Chuba doompa, dopa-maskey kung! 'You low-down, two-faced scum'
  • Chut chut 'Never mind'
  • Coo ya maya stupa. 'You weak-minded fool.'
  • Dopa meekie or dopa-meekie 'Double-crossing'
  • Dopa maskey 'Two-faced'
  • Dopo mee gusha, peedunkey? 'Do you feel lucky, punk?'
  • Echuta or E chu ta a very insulting expletive used as a curse word
  • Fierfek 'Poison'
  • Gaggalak mursto 'Worm-eating liar'
  • Kark derogatory expletive
  • Karking 'derogatory modifier'
  • Kava doompa D'emperiolo stoopa. 'You're an Imperial fool'
  • Kee baatu baatu. 'You bother me' (Also used in terms of 'Out of my way'
  • Keepuna 'shoot; darn'(exclamation) Used to denote displeasure
  • Koochoo 'Idiot'
  • Kung 'Scum'
  • Loca 'Crazy'
  • Nagoola 'Not bad'
  • Ohta su marvalic plesodoro 'Let them marvel at our splendor' (Jabba's favourite expression)
  • Pateesa 'Sweetie', 'darling'
  • Peedunky 'Punk'
  • Peetch goola 'Too bad'
  • Poodoo 'Crap', usually bowdlerized where appropriate as 'fodder'
  • Pushee wumpah skocha-kloonkee!!! 'Watch out, exhaust-for-brains!!!'
  • Schutta 'shut it' (Pronounced "Sch-u-tta")
  • Sleemo 'Slimeball' (Pronounced "Slaymo")
  • Skocha kung 'Burnout scum'
  • Stoopa 'Stupid
  • Sweets patogga 'Sweetie pie
  • Tah-koh tee womp rat e’nachu 'You’ll end up womp rat food'
  • U kulle rah doe kankee kung 'You are my kind of scum.
  • Wakamancha 'Cowardly


  • Backa 'Backstage'
  • Bukee or Peedunkee 'Boy
  • Cheeka 'Woman'
  • Chik youngee 'Dancing girl
  • Duro 'Duros'
  • Jeedai 'Jedi'
  • Kwee-Kunee 'Queen'
  • Lorda 'Boss'
  • Ma lorda 'My lord'
  • Mikiyuna 'Everybody'
  • Murishani 'Bounty hunter'
  • Ootman/Ootmian 'Outlander/Outworlder
  • Pateessa 'Friend'
  • Poolyee yama 'Systems consultant'
  • Shag 'Slave'
  • Ulwan 'Smuggler'
  • Ur-Damo 'Nephew'
  • Wermo 'Stupid person'
  • Wooky 'Wookiee'


  • Banda 'Music band'
  • Boboqueequee A location in Hutt mythology; a common Huttese imprecation was 'Rot in Boboqueequee!'
  • Bootana 'Garden(s)'
  • Bunko 'Palace'
  • Bunky dunko 'Home'
  • Doma toma 'Space'
  • Gardulla Oola 'Gardulla Oola'
  • Hutt Chuba'z 'Hutt Chuba's'
  • Jah Dowahga Kwee-Kunee Dowager Queen
  • Motai Nebuli 'Motel Nebulus'
  • Planeeto 'Planet'


  • Blastoh 'Weapon', 'blaster'
  • Bota 'Engines'
  • Droi 'Droid'
  • Dyst 'Ship'
  • E'nachu 'Food'
  • Fierfek 'Poison', 'hex', or 'curse'
  • Gopptula 'Ransom'[1]
  • Makacheesa 'Payoff'[1]
  • Moulee-rah 'Money'[1]
  • Pankpa 'Spaceship'[1]
  • Pawa 'Power'[1]
  • Rulya 'Weapon(s)'
  • See'ybark 'Sail barge'[1]
  • Tusawa 'Bar' or 'counter'
  • Wanga 'Gun'
  • Wankee 'Message'

At the merchant

  • Bargon 'Bargain', 'deal'
  • Bedwanna 'To buy'
  • Che copah 'Price'
  • Ees hoppada nopa! 'I'm not going to pay that!'
  • Geeb mi wa chimpa? 'May I have a receipt?'
  • Hi chunkee fa goota? 'What's your final offer?'
  • Kava che copah? 'How much for that item?
  • Laboda na rowka? 'Is that authentic?'
  • Ting cooing koo soo ah. 'I've got the credits.'
  • U wamma wonka? 'Are you going to pay (for that)?' or 'You owe me!
  • Va foppa gee wontahumpa? 'Does that come with a warranty?'


  • ______ harl tish ding. '[Being's name]'s through with you
  • ______ wah ning chee kosthpa murishani tytung ye wanya yoskah. '[Being's name]'s put a price on your head so large every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be looking for you. Ha, ha, ha.'
  • Bargon u noa-a-uyat. 'You will be rewarded.'
  • Bargon wan chee kospah. 'There will be no deal.'
  • Bargon yanah coto da eetha. 'You're the best
  • Beeska mu-moolee bu Halapu. 'The payment is in the HoloNet.'
  • Bona nai kachu. 'You're in trouble now.'
  • Cha skrunee da pat. 'Don't count on it
  • Chas kee nyowkee koo chooskoo. 'I'm lucky I found you first.'
  • Coona tee-tocky malia? 'What took you so long?'
  • Dobra do poolyee yama. 'I am a systems consultant.'
  • Dobra do nupee nupee um baw wah du poolyee yama. 'I am a vice president and systems consultant for personnel development and management systems.'
  • Goo paknee ata pankpa. 'He may only take your ship.'
  • Keel-ee calleya ku kah. 'You disappoint me'
  • Keh lee chalya chulkah in ting cooing koosooah. 'If you give it to me, I might forget I found you.'
  • Klop ______ poo pah. 'You can tell that to [being's name].
  • La pim nallya so bata de wompa. 'I will get back to you on that one.'
  • Mala tram pee chock makacheesa. 'You should have paid him when you had the chance.'
  • Make-cheesay. 'I can't make exceptions.'
  • Mwa droida bunno bunna droida. 'My droids will talk to your droids.'
  • Noolee moolee bana kee cheel'ya cu kuna ku chu chu. 'Here is the prospectus on systems and management consulting.'
  • Smeeleeya whao toupee upee. 'Smile when you say that.
  • See fah luto twentee, ee yaba. 'So for an extra twenty percent.'
  • Soong peetch alay. 'It's too late.
  • Song kul rul yay pul-yaya ulwan spastika kushunkoo oponowa tweepi. 'He has no time for smugglers who drop their shipment at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser.
  • Uth laynuma. 'That's the idea.'
  • Wa wanna coe moulee rah? 'When can I expect payment?'
  • Wanta dah moolee-rah? or Wanta wonka-rah dah? 'Why haven't you paid me?'
  • Wonkee chee sa cripo con ______? 'And why did you fry poor [being's name]?'
  • Yanee dah poo noo. 'It's not good business.'

Applied business

  • Ap-xmasi keepuna! 'Don't shoot!'
  • Blastoh 'Weapon', 'blaster'
  • Bona nai kachu. 'You're in trouble now.'
  • Boonowa tweepi. 'Have you now.'[1]
  • Cheska lopey x'hoo pumba? 'Are there good drinks on board?'
  • Chespo kutata kreesta krenko, nyakoska! 'I've been looking forward to this for a long time.'[1]
  • Da beesga coo palyeeya pityee bo tenya go kaka juju hoopa. 'The last fool who called me that got his antennae stuffed down his throat.'[1]
  • Do bata gee mwaa tusawa! 'Back up against the bar'[1]
  • Hagwa boska blastoh! 'Don't go for that weapon.'[1]
  • Hagwa doopee. 'Don't move!'[1]
  • Hay lapa no ya! 'Come out of there!'[1]
  • Je killya um pasa doe beeska wumpa. 'Kill me and ten more will rise in my place.'
  • Jeeska da sookee koopa moe nanya. 'Keep your suction cups where I can see them.'
  • Kako Kreespa! 'You're gonna fry!'
  • Kapa tonka. 'Hands up.'
  • Kava doompa D'emperiolo stoopa. 'You're a low-down Imperial fool.
  • Kee hasa do blastoh. 'Drop your weapon.'
  • Keepuna! 'Shoot!'
  • Kickeeyuna mo Wooky doo tee puna puna! 'Don't anybody move or the Wookiee here will tie your legs into a taut-line hitch!'
  • Mikiyuna! Pasta mo rulya! Do bata gee mwaa tusawa! 'Everybody, hands off your weapons and back up against the bar!'
  • Moova dee boonkee ree slagwa. 'Turn around real slowly.
  • Pasta mo rulya! 'Hands off your weapons!'
  • Tonta tonka. 'Tentacles up!'


  • Boga noga 'Huttese Ale'
  • Cheska yo ho kimbabaloomba? 'Do you offer vegetarian cuisine?
  • Dopa na rocka rocka? 'Does this cause brain damage?
  • Gardulla (drink) 'Huttese alcoholic beverage'
  • Gocola 'Wine'
  • Hotsa Chuba 'Hot chubas'
  • Howdunga 'Burp'
  • Jimunee Ronto Pagona 'Braised fork tarts'
  • Keebadas Binggona 'Strained keebadas'
  • Lickmoomoo 'Dessert'
  • Mubasa Hok 'Mubasa hock'
  • Ne ompee doe gaga punta? 'Is this freshly dead?'
  • Patogga 'Pie'
  • Sando G'dizzards 'Sand gizzars'
  • Scuzzi Spits 'Scurrier tips'
  • Sleemo Poy 'Drool
  • Smak Telia 'Snack
  • Tatooni Junko Huttese alcoholic beverage
  • Tee ava un puffee lumpa? 'Is there a smoking section?'
  • Waffmula 'Cake
  • Yafullkee 'Meal
  • Yatooni Boska Huttese alcoholic beverage
  • Yocola 'Drink'


  • Andoba ne lappee, kolka. 'Another hot towel, please.'
  • Banya kee fofo Aduki, kolka. 'An Aduki double, please.'
  • La lova num botaffa 'They seemed nice to me.'
  • Cheska lopey x'hoo pumba? 'Are there good drinks on board?'
  • Kavaa kyotopa bu banda backa? 'Can I visit the band backstage?'
  • Kavaa kyotopa bu whirlee backa? 'Can I visit the dancers backstage?'
  • Koose cheekta nei. 'Bring her to me.'


  • Cheesba hataw yuna puna? 'Can I upgrade to first class?'
  • Jee oto ta Huttuk koga. 'I want the Hutt-size bed.
  • Jee oto vo blastoh. 'I will keep my weapon.'
  • Jee vopa du mooljee guma. 'I would like room service.'
  • Kava nopees do bampa woola? 'How much is a room for the night?'
  • Kuna kee wabdah noleeya. 'I'd like to check in.'
  • Kuna kee wabdah nenoleeya. 'I'd like to check out.'
  • Jeskawa no rupee dee holo woopee? 'Will the bill list the title of the holo?'
  • To pla da banki danko, jospi! 'You'd better go home, fly zool!

At the racetrack

  • Buttmalia 'A bet'
  • Chawa 'to race'
  • Choppa chawa 'Podrace'
  • Meecooda joggdu stafa do tah poda 'I could run faster than your pod'
  • Noobie oonatee raca, rookie poodoo? 'First time racing, rookie fodder?'
  • Nu 'To bet'
  • Roachee mah bom bom, cheespa kreespa 'Follow too close and you’ll get cooked.'
  • Tah pee-chah ah kulkee flunka 'You need to go back to racing school.'
  • Leeah fam doosta! 'Nice crop duster!'
  • Keelya afda skocha punchee? 'How's the after blast, pal?'

For #'s See Chart :) 


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