Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Animal Crossing 3DS content revealed (video)

It's not secret that many gamer girls love simulation and community games and I like many of my female gamer friends am a total Animal Crossing junkie. I've owned it on 3 different platforms now and with the release of this new content you can believe I'll be finally giving in to a 3DS so I can play the new version.

The new game will allow the player to act as mayor of the town with greater control than ever before. You will be able to set the opening times and types of shops that are in your town, design town features like bridges and seats. All this on top of expanding existing features such as more clothing design control and better houses. Along with all the features announced with the Japanese release information on the US release has also surfaced.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Little Browsies

First we had fashion based on large social networks and now My Little Ponies based on popular browsers. Kudos to ParallaxMLP and friends on Deviant Art for cute nerdy artwork.



Internet Explorer


Information spread in the internet age (infographic)

Power To The Online People

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Facebook bans cosplay profiles

Cosplay Angel as Hatsune Miku
Cosplay is one of the spheres in which geek girls have been welcomed and indeed celebrated with huge success and so it is a shame to hear this news.

Facebook are taking the same approach to 'legitimacy' of user profiles that caused all the ruckus with Google+ 'real names' policy and removing duplicate and fake profiles from their site. The main cause appears to be to to protect those posing as others and to reduce the number of fake celebrity profiles on the site.

Unfortunately in a mass data clean up they have targeted and removed the profiles of many cosplayers and deleted all accounts with the surname "cosplay" in an effort to reduce duplicate accounts created by fans for their cosplay efforts. The Examiner even claims that gamers with profiles for their characters could be targeted next.

The Cosplay community is understandably upset. Some have separate 'personas' they keep for conventions and competitions, others say they'd prefer not to share an unusual hobby (and possibly risque outfits) with their family and colleagues. Many have lost years of photo albums and online social networking.

"Professional" cosplayers such as Cosplay Angel have been protected by using Facebook pages rather than profiles, but for the lay man this didn't seem like a requirement and the deletion of accounts was without warning. Some blame adult content such as the infamous Venom Cosplay that was banned, others feel persecuted in a medium that has traditionally been very geek friendly.

For Cosplayers and supporters alike have created an online petition against the deletion of Cosplay accounts. What about you Nerd Girls? Have you had an account deleted? What do you think about the move towards social media profiles being used as an internet proxy for forms of ID?

Luxury geek chic: Louboutin Circuit Print shoes

If there's an easy way to appeal to a geek girl it's to make sexy shoes nerdy. Louboutin has answered the Nerd Girl's dream with a series of new circuit print accessories. 

Starting with the Lady Peep open toed high heel

Are you a practical nerd girl, more prone to sprinting to the bus than teetering in heels? No problem they've also released a sneaker! They say they're for boys but the sizes go to 39.5 so the larger footed ladies are in luck

Love to accessorise? They even made a bag!