Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Makeover for Wonder Woman

Who doesn't like Wonder Woman...but when you think of Wonder Woman, what image does you mind conjure?

Yup I bet it's the good old classic star spangled pants with the red corset...and those iconic red boots...just do a google image search and that is what you will get.

Who could forget Lynda Carter making nerd girls around the world beg their parents for gold cardboard to make some bullet-reflecting gauntlets? Or blue undies to stitch felt stars on? Practising boomarang throws with that Princess tiara? Or twirl around in the yard to the point of falling over or being sick?

Besides all the awesome stuff such as a role-model teaching young girls to stick up for themselves and not needing a guy to save them, or that a strong, powerful woman could be good, (as compared with other super hero television - women were either villains or oooh I sprained my ankle)...intelligent and good looking at the same time.

Wonder Woman has had many outfit updates...the pants went from shorts to grannie pants to high cut bikini. The iconic red corset with the golden eagle has had many modifications.
Even Wonder Woman, or Diana Prince has had her hair keep you with the trends...from her original tight curls to the bullet-reflecting-hair-spray-helmet to that 80's perm to 90's layers...if there was ever great documentation for hair style fashion through the decades it is Wonder Woman comics.

But DC decided for Wonder Woman's 69th birthday she needed a make over....and a tv series...

Oh yessssss....yes they did....

So here is what DC did ...

The New DC Wonder Woman
I personally like it - I miss her boots but I love the gauntlets will laugh at this girl walking down the would dare. And her new top has straps!...and she looks like she can do all those smash the evil-doers moves...and she looks comfortable!
It's almost as though she is on her way back from gym and off to pick up some chocolate at the supermarket before PMS kicks off...or kick some baddie butt which ever comes first.

For the first time in a long time, she looks young....not mid 20's/30's.

So how are they incorporating this look into the new TV series starring Adrianne Palicki?


I have a lot of opinions about this look, all of them bad, most of them involving the bacon grease fetish that seems to be popular in today's "fashion"...for Heroines and alike.
Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman
  • Lip Gloss - It looks like bacon grease...guys find it sexy because it reminds them of bacon....but they feel disappointed when it doesn't taste like bacon.
  • Is stretch pvc or latex the new spandex?...all I can think of when looking at those pants is yeast infection waiting to happen.
  • If this is the Heroine I do not want to see her pimp
  • Too much Shine = Tacky!...Blow-Up-Girlfriend
  • Ahhh she comes equipped with Air-Bags!
  • one will laugh at this woman when she walks down the street....
I'm finding a hard time respecting this new look for Wonder Woman, true she'll end up beating up (off?) a lot of sleezes but is that what an Amazon Princess who fights crime really wants?

But then again MAC Cosmetics have released a Wonder Woman range...yes what every Super Hero wants...make up....and yes I want some.

DC you make my alter ego sad

Edit - Video from the set!

Looks like they paid attention to most of the grumbles of WW fans...gone are the thrush-inducing pants and the red boots (with a sensible heel) are back!


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  2. I'm so glad the red boots are back in and the less shiny pants are muuuch better.

    I know the comics costume redesign got a lot of flack but I didn't mind it - except for the terrible mid 90s leather jacket. Yuck.

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