Thursday, February 10, 2011

World of WarCraft 4.0.6

I found myself with a quiet Tuesday night and headed home to hit up WarCraft only to find maintenance time was coming early. I had about enough time to do some chores around Orgrimmar and make some sordid jokes in guild chat before it was time to shut down.

But we all know what an extended maintenance window means don't we? Patch time has come!

The full list of Patch Notes is available from the website but here are the important bits as I see them:
  • Many levelling dungeons from 1 - 60 have had their level requirements dropped
  • Daily caps for Guild Reputation are removed when  your guild reaches level 23
  • The first Random daily dungeon now rewards double the Justice points up to 140
  • You no longer need to visit the entrance to Cataclysm dungeons to add them to your random PUG queue
  • The Warlock skill Drain Mana has been removed from the game because Life Tap rendered it useless
  • Hunters can now use autoshoot while moving
  • Mage's Flame Orb now ignores critters (I mean what the hell was that about anyway?)
  • Mana and Energy costs are down on a range of skills, sadly so are the durations of many funkier skills
  • A great range of bug fixes has been installed across the board, a great feat so close to the launch of Cataclysm
Unmetered data files for Australian IPs: